Dallas, Texas: The Big D, or Dallas, is a glittering city of skyscrapers in the flat Texas prairie. The Lone Star state supports a range of modest towns to big corporations. In 2010, Texas was ranked as the most business-friendly state in the nation; it has the highest number of Fortune 500 company headquarters. Alabama: the blue Gulf Waters reflect the venerable historic plantations, pine-ringed lakes, and echoes from the mountain tops amplified in mammoth caverns. Backed by recent investments from Japanese and German automobile manufacturers, the economy continues to grow as this state has become the fourth largest automobile producer in the United States. Tennessee: The land of Tennessee stretches from the scenic Great Smoky Mountains of the east to the banks of the Mississippi River in the west. The Tennessee River has provided a historical transportation hub and continues to be a dominant shipping region for the Southeast.

News Updates

Canton Pine Residence, TX Opening April 2014  3/26/2014
Hamilton, AL Opening May 2014  3/26/2014
Winfield, AL Opening May 2014  3/26/2014
Greenville, AL Opening May 2014  3/26/2014
Canton Mulberry Residence, TX Opening April 2014  3/26/2014
Country Place Senior Living Canton Pine Residence  3/24/2014
Fairhope, AL Now Open  3/20/2014
Foley, AL Now Open  3/20/2014
Gonzales, TX Land Purchased  3/14/2014
Brownwood, TX Land Under Contract  3/12/2014
Jasper, TX Land Under Contract  3/12/2014
Newport, TN Land Under Contract  3/07/2014
Suplhur Springs, TX Land Under Contract  2/25/2014
Humboldt, TN Land Under Contract  2/25/2014
Pampa, TX Land Under Contract  2/14/2014
Camden, TN Land Under Contract  2/11/2014
Paris, TN Land Under Contract  2/11/2014
Giddings, TX Land Purchased  2/10/2014
Muleshoe, TX Land Under Contract  2/07/2014
Cullman, AL Land Under Contract  2/04/2014
Comanche, TX Land Purchased  1/17/2014
Jasper, TX Land Purchased  1/15/2014
Sevierville, TN Land Purchased  1/13/2014
Fayetteville, TN Land Under Contract  1/10/2014
Nacogdoches, TX Land Under Contract  1/06/2014
Livingston, TN Land Under Contract  1/06/2014
Milan, TN Land Under Contract  1/04/2014
Center, TX Land Purchased  11/15/2013
McMinnville, TN Land Purchased  11/13/2013
Trenton, TN Land Purchased  11/13/2013
Navasota, TX Land Purchased  11/06/2013
Jamestown, TN Land Purchased  10/16/2013
Parsons, TN Land Under Contract  9/20/2013
Fairfield, TX Land Purchased  9/14/2013
Russellville, AL Land Purchased  9/10/2013
Tullahoma, TN Land Under Contract  9/05/2013
Hallesttsville, TX Land Purchased  8/30/2013
LaGrange, TX Land Purchased  8/30/2013
Bay City, TX Land Purchased  8/27/2013
Savannah, TN Land Under Contract  8/27/2013
Sevierville, TN Land Purchased  8/22/2013
Crockett, TX Ground Breaking Event  8/20/2013
Country Place Senior Living of Greenville Under Construction  8/12/2013
Winfield, AL Ground Breaking Event  8/08/2013
Hamilton, AL Ground Breaking Event  8/08/2013
Brady, TX Land Under Contract  8/07/2013
McMinnville, TN Land Under Contract  8/01/2013
Comanche, TX Land Under Contract  8/01/2013
Hereford, TX Land Under Contract  7/31/2013
Trenton, TN Land Under Contract  7/30/2013
Tazewell, TN Land Under Contract  7/25/2013
Athens, TX Ground Breaking Event  7/23/2013
Canton Pine Residence, TX Building Permit Recieved  7/19/2013
Canton Mulberry Residence, TX Ground Breaking Event  7/10/2013
Country Place Senior Living of Hamilton Under Construction  7/09/2013
Country Place Senior Living of Winfield Under Construction  7/09/2013
Edna, TX Land Purchased  7/06/2013
Bay City, TX Land Purchased  6/28/2013
LaGrange, TX Land Purchased  6/28/2013
Center, TX Land Purchased  6/27/2013
Hillsboro, TX Land Under Contract  6/26/2013
Beeville, TX Land Under Contract  6/25/2013
Canton Mulberry Residence, TX Building Permit Recieved  6/21/2013
Gun Barrel City, TX Land Purchased  6/21/2013
Gonzales, TX Land Under Contract  6/19/2013
Jamestown, TN Land Under Contract  6/18/2013
Fairhope, AL Ground Breaking Event  6/12/2013
Navasota, TX Land Purchased  6/12/2013
Fairhope, AL Building Permit Recieved  6/11/2013
Country Place Senior Living of Canton Mulberry Residence Under Construction  6/10/2013
Gainesville, TX Land Purchased  6/07/2013
Sparta, TN Land Under Contract  6/03/2013
Palestine, TX Land Purchased  6/03/2013
Crockett, TX Land Purchased  5/29/2013
Gilmer, TX Land Purchased  5/25/2013
Graham, TX Land Under Contract  5/22/2013
Pittsburg, TX Land Purchased  5/10/2013
Country Place Senior Living of Fairhope Under Construction  5/01/2013
Jacksonville, TX Land Purchased  4/30/2013
Hallesttsville, TX Land Under Contract  4/02/2013
Russellville, AL Land Under Contract  3/06/2013
Bay Minette, AL Land Purchased  3/06/2013

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