CP Homes is a land development company that manages all aspects of the development process while keeping our clients informed of the project status along the way.  These milestones include managing the process of Market Analysis and Identification, Site Selection and Acquisition, Entitlement, Design, Construction, and Organizational Licensing as necessary.   CP Homes has been involved with several types of projects including Assisted Living, Single Family, and Multi-Family developments.  We have an experienced staff working in conjunction with technical professionals to carry out our development strategies.  We look forward to working with any client that is in need of a land development professional to walk you through any real estate or construction matters.

The first introduction we have with each project starts with meeting with our clients to help them identify what their needs and desires are for a new development.  During this first meeting we are able to put a scope of work together that will help set expectations, goals, timelines, and rough budgets. This discovery phase is critical to each projects' success, and it is important to get this step right since it will establish the path that we work down.  Once CP Homes has identified the scope and the development agreement is signed, work can begin on building our clients future.  We look forward to helping you start your journey!